Harry’s Pizzeria
COVID-19 Policy & Protocols

Five Part Strategy

The safety of our employees and guests, is our number one priority. Thus, we have set up the following protocols to ensure a safe restaurant environment, during these unprecedented times.

This strategy was recently developed by Mass General Hospital to have a safe hospital environment and successfully keep their doctors and nurses healthy. Plan created to meet Miami Dade County The New Normal document specifications.


  • Temperature check and three screener questions (By order of City of Miami) completed and passed by every employee and any vendors who needs to enter restaurant.
  • Screener completed before anyone enters the restaurant.


  • Mask are worn correctly 100% of the time by all staff is in the restaurant.
  • All customers entering the restaurant must be wearing masks at all times except when seated at a table. When guests get up from the table to go to the bathroom they must wear their mask.


  • Specific waiting area space created to avoid guests being within 6 feet of each other while waiting to be seated.
  • Tables spaced seated 6 feet apart.
  • A maximum of four people can be seated at one table, unless it’s members of the same household, in which case it can be a group of 6.
  • Created spaced bathroom waiting areas to avoid guests coming too close together.


  • Gloves worn by all back of house employees, bar staff and anyone touching plates or glasses (bussers and food runners).
  • Gloves replaced every 30 minutes.
  • If employee is not wearing gloves, handwashing occurs every 30 minutes.
  • Have self-dispensing hand sanitizer or hand washing station at the entrance and hand Sanitizers on All Tables.
  • One staff member focus exclusively on sanitizing restaurant. Cleans between seating every consumer touch point; chairs, table surface, booster seats, highchairs, booths. Also, cleans and disinfects every thirty minutes: restaurant entrance door, bathroom doors, any bathroom touch points, restaurant telephone, POS tablets, credit card machine, office keyboards, guest pens and host stand.
  • Touchless payment set up using Toast Pay at the Table app. Guests can also use credit cards. No cash will be accepted.
  • Using disposable menus.

Safety Culture

  • It is important for employees to not come to work, if they have a frequent cough, fever, difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, recent loss of taste or smell, or if they or someone they live with have been diagnosed with COVID-19 – they have to stay home.
  • Thus, we will pay people who fail any of the screener questions to stay home or if they call in sick with COVID related symptoms.